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The best information to include depends on your career goal and background, so the content varies by the job seeker. Keeping in mind that your vantagehunt resume is a marketing tool, you should incorporate information that will help market you to the employers who can help you achieve your career goal. Think of it this way: If you had one last chance to sell yourself to a potential employer, what would you say?

Qualifications Summary

You may use the Additional Information section to present a summary of your qualifications or career profile. A qualifications summary highlights your key selling points and may include examples of your top accomplishments that are related to your objective.


Have you received letters of recommendation or performance evaluations that contain compelling quotes about your work performance? If so, consider adding the best excerpts from these files to your supporting documents.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a desirable skill for many occupations. Impress potential employers by including a list of your speaking engagements, such as keynote speeches, workshop presentations, and seminars.

Computer Skills

The Resume Builder's Skills section allows for multiple skill. If you're in a technical field and would like to provide a longer list of computer skills broken down by category (e.g., networking, operating systems, hardware, etc.), use the Additional Information section to provide your list.


Availability of a portfolio or writing samples is important for some occupations. Mention that these are available on request, or provide a Web site link for immediate access.

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